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Storytelling that's transparent, transportative & transformative.


These are real stories of real people: we don’t shy away from vulnerability.


We bridge geographical, cultural and racial gaps to bring you close to your global neighbor.


These stories both compel you and equip you to make a Kingdom impact.

“The storytelling here compels believers to act.”


This is

Two Coins.


Hi there! We’re a team that gets fired up about stories of people around the globe who give their “two coins” — people who have experienced firsthand how God’s love has carried them through adversity and who now work to bring that love to others in small but impactful ways. The episodes on Two Coins spotlight these stalwart individuals as well as the nonprofit organizations with which they work. By listening, you’ll learn about global issues and grow to know more of God’s heart for his children. Our hope and prayer is that these stories uplift you, inspire you and spur you on toward redemptive possibilities!

Chris Kuo


Chris is an undergraduate at Duke University studying political science, English, and journalism. On campus, you can find him frantically typing up articles in the office of his student newspaper, debating constitutional law with his friends, or climbing up the rock wall at the gym. Chris sees writing and podcasting as powerful gifts from God to clearly communicate His truth and beauty.

Kristi Sturgill


Kristi is an undergraduate at Duke University studying political science, French, and journalism. Outside of classes, she worships with Christian fellowships, dances ballet, writes news articles, and eats harvest turkey salads. An avid podcast listener, Kristi is excited to be able to share stories of people who live out their faith so boldly because they challenge her to do the same.

Angela Tawfik

Audio Engineer, Producer, Illustrator

Angela is Simple Charity’s Director of Creativity. She graduated magna cum laude from Duke University in 2019 with a B.A. in art history & visual arts and a B.A. in psychology. A few of her favorite things include art-making, singing, playing piano and tennis, and being way too competitive in ping-pong. As a visual- and verbal-storyteller, she loves getting to weave together stories of hope and redemption through Two Coins.

Brian Grasso


Brian is Simple Charity’s Founder and CEO. He studied economics and global health at Duke. Brian enjoys going for long, unhurried runs, drinking excellent coffee, and reading and writing poetry, all activities that help expand his imagination. His favorite thing about Two Coins is the opportunity to share amazing stories of people overcoming hardships in their own voices.

What Our Listeners Say

Featuring Interviews With...

Dr. Brian Fikkert

Co-author of When Helping Hurts

Dr. John Njoroge

Apologist at RZIM

Dr. Chitra Dhananjay

Co-founder of Agni Raksha Hospital

Jon Hart

Partner at Praxis