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A high schooler’s poor report card turns detrimental. A little girl’s afternoon tea ends in tragedy. Years later, the stories of Vennila Mani and Dr. Prema Dhanraj intersect at Agni Raksha Hospital in Bangalore, India. This is the story of how one prayer changed a life, and then hundreds afterward. Featuring Dr. Brian Fikkert, co-author of When Helping Hurts, who adds a theological perspective on beauty and human flourishing.


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“I have come into confidence. I want to live beautifully and want to live with faith.”

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People Interviewed

Vennila Mani
Chitra Dhananjay
Dr. Prema Dhanraj
Dr. Brian Fikkert


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Episode 1.8: The Case File

Just days after catching criminals on the streets of Machakos, Kenya, police officer Morris Kaberia found himself behind bars. Fellow inmates—some of whom he himself had put in prison—now ridiculed him as they passed by his cell. How had he ended up in this wretched place? And how could he get out? A curious law book, a persistent priest, and the nonprofit Justice Defenders became his tickets to freedom—and the reason he’s never left.