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Wadded up pieces of cloth, goatskin skirts, holes in the ground...these are period-management methods used by girls around the world who lack access to traditional period products. Carol Nakisiozi and Joanita Kajoba decided to do something about it. With the help of the nonprofit United Social Ventures, they created Femminae Uganda. Join us as we explore what menstrual cups and theology might have in common.


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"We are Femminae Uganda. It is a social venture that is dealing with menstrual hygiene management here in Uganda."

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People Interviewed

Carol Nakisiozi
Joanita Kajoba
Jon Hart


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Episode 1.6: Six Beaded Bracelets

Every morning, Kika Sansago would walk to her elementary school in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But one day, she never made it. Instead, she woke up in a Heal Africa hospital bed and found something there that, years later, drew her back to the same hospital--this time, to bring healing to others. But first, she would have to face the ugliness of her past.

TW: this episode contains mentions of child sexual abuse and violence.