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On the evening of March 24, 2020, India’s population learned that they had just four hours to prepare for a three-week total lockdown to counter the spread of the coronavirus. This decision hit India’s migrant workers the hardest: in a matter of minutes, they lost work, food and shelter. Prince David works with Tearfund International to help these migrant workers weather the effects of the pandemic and find hope in a desperate time.


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"This is an opportunity for us—those who live in eternity—to be able to share the hope that God has given us."

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“Too Smooth” by Mattijis Mueller
“Rhythm Roulette” by Reaktor Productions
“The Disappearance” by Emmett Cooke
“Little Joys” by Saint Park
“Journey on a Camel” by La Cigale

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Episode 1.4: The Kerosene Stove

A high schooler’s poor report card turns detrimental. A little girl’s afternoon tea ends in tragedy. Years later, the stories of Vennila Mani and Dr. Prema Dhanraj intersect at Agni Raksha Hospital in Bangalore, India. This is the story of how one prayer changed a life, and then hundreds afterward. Featuring Dr. Brian Fikkert, co-author of When Helping Hurts, who adds a theological perspective on beauty and human flourishing.