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When Dr. John Njoroge grew up in the cornfields of rural Kenya, there were days when his family didn’t even have salt in the house. Today, he’s an internationally-recognized apologist and speaker running Valley Light Home, a children’s home for 31 orphans in Kenya. Valley Light is supported by the Atlanta-based nonprofit Just One Africa. We picked Dr. Njoroge’s brain on eurocentrism, apologetics, and the global body of Christ.


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“The gospel is not true because it works. It works because it is true.”

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Dr. John Njoroge


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Episode 1.6: Six Beaded Bracelets

Every morning, Kika Sansago would walk to her elementary school in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But one day, she never made it. Instead, she woke up in a Heal Africa hospital bed and found something there that, years later, drew her back to the same hospital--this time, to bring healing to others. But first, she would have to face the ugliness of her past.

TW: this episode contains mentions of child sexual abuse and violence.