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Vadim Dashko finally had everything he had dreamed for as a street boy: a wife, a home, a stable job. But then why was he still so afraid? And what was it about those people from HOPE Ukraine that was so strangely alluring? He resolved to find out, and in the process stumbled upon something that, if true, would mean he’d never have to fear again. Featuring returning guest Dr. Brian Fikkert, co-author of When Helping Hurts, who discusses holistic poverty alleviation.


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“I didn’t understand then, but I understand it now—that’s the way Jesus treats people.”

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Vadim Dashko
Dr. Brian Fikkert


“Relaxing Acoustics” by Black Rhomb
“Too Smooth” by Mattijis Mueller
“Rhythm Roulette” by Reaktor Productions
“Handwritten Letter” by Peter McIsaac Music
“Mystery Box” by Daniel Belardinelli
“Highly Strung” by Jack Pierce

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Episode 1.1: The Suitcase

Some mysterious strangers approached Claire Hababu during lunch hour one day and offered her a plane ticket to China. Soon, Claire was sitting in an Iranian jail cell, 3000 miles from her home in Uganda, awaiting death by hanging. This is the remarkable story of a woman whose faith moved prison doors and who now works with Love Justice International to save victims of human trafficking before they become slaves.