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$4,290 /month raised so far. Our goal is $6,000 /month by June 1st, 2021.

An invitation to relationship.

Enjoy invitations to exclusive quarterly updates with the CEO, opportunities to meet other core supporters and the occasional gift from our team as a demonstration of our gratitude.

We believe in hiring excellent people. Your consistent giving allows us to grow our team so that we can work 9-5 to help Christians practice solidarity with the global poor.

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Image of the CEO of Simple Charity.

Why do you give to Simple Charity’s core?

Image of Simple Charity students.

Angelique Solomon

“I love how Simple Charity invests in discipling others, particularly through college chapters. Through the Core, I am a part of discipling believers all over the US who are learning how to stand in solidarity with the global poor and share those convictions with others all because of resources, education, and community provided by Simple Charity with the financial support of people in the Core community.”

Image of Simple Charity students.

An investment in students.

What if Christian college students were known for their love, passion for justice and commitment to solidarity?

Our college chapters grow together as they study what the Bible says about caring for the poor. Then, they put their faith in action through fundraising and advocacy events. We partner with Generous Giving to do Journey of Generosity retreats at our chapters every year.

We fundraise all of our operational expenses so that 100% of the funds raised by our college chapters go directly to fight poverty.

How has Simple Charity helped you grow?

“Duke Simple Charity has transformed how I approach poverty alleviation and giving. From watching Gary Haugen’s TED Talk to reading and re-reading 2 Corinthians 9, I’m learning how service should center on compassion and how generosity should be driven by gratitude. God is using my chapter to equip me and my friends for impactful, Kingdom work.”

Image of Andrew Lee, a student leader.

Andrew Lee

An invaluable partnership.

Your monthly giving fuels all of Simple Charity: college chapters, Two Coins podcast, charity evaluation research, summer internship experience, online store and devotional content. Help us have the biggest year of impact yet in 2021!

Image of Andrew Lee, a student leader.Image of Andrew Lee, a student leader.Image of Andrew Lee, a student leader.
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$ Moved to Recommended Charities$33k$90k?
Charities Evaluated53628?
Charities Recommended2024?
Summer College Interns07
Undergrads Who Experienced
a Journey of Generosity Retreat
Two Coins Podcast Downloads02,296
Online Store Sales0$6,219.30?
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