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Just days after catching criminals on the streets of Machakos, Kenya, police officer Morris Kaberia found himself behind bars. Fellow inmates—some of whom he himself had put in prison—now ridiculed him as they passed by his cell. How had he ended up in this wretched place? And how could he get out? A curious law book, a persistent priest, and the nonprofit Justice Defenders became his tickets to freedom—and the reason he’s never left.


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“When I got to the death chambers, I was completely disoriented. I felt like, this is it.”

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Morris Kaberia


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Episode 1.3: The Soccer Ball

On the evening of March 24, 2020, India’s population learned that they had just four hours to prepare for a three-week total lockdown to counter the spread of the coronavirus. This decision hit India’s migrant workers the hardest: in a matter of minutes, they lost work, food and shelter. Prince David works with Tearfund International to help these migrant workers weather the effects of the pandemic and find hope in a desperate time.