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Some mysterious strangers approached Claire Hababu during lunch hour one day and offered her a plane ticket to China. Soon, Claire was sitting in an Iranian jail cell, 3000 miles from her home in Uganda, awaiting death by hanging. This is the remarkable story of a woman whose faith moved prison doors and who now works with Love Justice International to save victims of human trafficking before they become slaves.


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"On that East­er Sun­day, on the eve of the trans­fer, they called me and told me, ​'You are free.'"

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People Interviewed

Claire Hababu
Dr. John Njoroge
Glen Messina
Jimmy Mutiso
Sharon Chogo
Lucy Karanja
Zakayo Ndwiga


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Episode 1.3: The Soccer Ball

On the evening of March 24, 2020, India’s population learned that they had just four hours to prepare for a three-week total lockdown to counter the spread of the coronavirus. This decision hit India’s migrant workers the hardest: in a matter of minutes, they lost work, food and shelter. Prince David works with Tearfund International to help these migrant workers weather the effects of the pandemic and find hope in a desperate time.