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Every morning, Kika Sansago would walk to her elementary school in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But one day, she never made it. Instead, she woke up in a Heal Africa hospital bed and found something there that, years later, drew her back to the same hospital--this time, to bring healing to others. But first, she would have to face the ugliness of her past.

TW: this episode contains mentions of child sexual abuse and violence.


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“When I woke up, I found out that I was in a hospital, and I didn’t know how I’d arrived in that hospital.”

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Kika Sansago


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“Too Smooth” by Mattijis Mueller
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“The Disappearance” by Emmett Cooke
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Episode 1.3: The Soccer Ball

On the evening of March 24, 2020, India’s population learned that they had just four hours to prepare for a three-week total lockdown to counter the spread of the coronavirus. This decision hit India’s migrant workers the hardest: in a matter of minutes, they lost work, food and shelter. Prince David works with Tearfund International to help these migrant workers weather the effects of the pandemic and find hope in a desperate time.