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The Privilege of Giving

February 15, 2022

Author of this post - The Privilege of Giving

By Tochi Onuegbu

"Yet over the years, I have learned that while donating to charities is a way to demonstrate selflessness, standing in solidarity with the poor often involves actions that expand beyond the act of giving our pecuniary resources."

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Repair Us, O Lord

July 17, 2021

Author of this post - Repair Us, O Lord

By Andrew Raines

Nevertheless, most Americans have very short historical memories. Many couldn’t tell you who their “forefathers” even were. How are we—let alone God—to remember how they sinned?

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Your Best Yes

April 23, 2021

Author of this post - Your Best Yes

By Angela DeCarlo

What if you cannot “will” your way into something? That is something really special about God... The word “will” shows us that it is inevitable that God is a promise keeper.

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Our Strategy in One Word

March 18, 2021

Author of this post - Our Strategy in One Word


I believe that Simple Charity could move millions annually to effective, Kingdom-oriented charities to alleviate global poverty within the short to medium run. And if the Lord gives us favor, I believe it is feasible that we move billions in the long run.

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February 18, 2021

Author of this post - Habits

By Trevor Fowler

In the early months of my new habit, I even recognized more opportunities to discuss the Gospel with my friends and family. Was this not the perfect result of having successfully established a good habit?

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The Lord’s Desire for 2021

February 03, 2021

Author of this post - The Lord’s Desire for 2021

By Jake Kelly

Jesus invites us to a meaningful life that works to spread the Gospel... Our participation in His calling leads us to act in a righteous manner, spreading the same grace that He has granted us.

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