“I grew up in an abusive family.”

Yuliana Gombo | Coordinator of Activities | Mission: Hope

“My parents would often fight, and I was often abused. This is normal for the people in my village. It is very common for women and children to experience neglect and abuse. Their opinions don’t matter, and their voices aren’t heard. Mission: Hope had trainings for families to go through together to learn how to love and respect one another. My family has participated in these trainings, and I now help lead these trainings in my community.”

“I started working for Mission: Hope, and after a while I was promoted to be the Coordinator of Activities in the communities. I work with other staff to help coordinate different types of trainings and activities, from mother and child health to food safety trainings. My family and many families in the community have been transformed through the trainings from Mission: Hope.

“I never had a good example of parenting or marriage, but through the trainings with Mission: Hope, I have learned what a good example looks like. My husband has also learned from the trainings, and I can see how he has changed.

“My biggest hope is that families will care for one another. I hope that broken families will be restored. I am so thankful to God for the changes in my life. I know that they didn’t happen because of me or my knowledge, but these changes happened because of God.”