“When I woke up at the hospital, I asked the medical team how I arrived there.”

Kika Sansago | Volunteer | Heal Africa

“One day as I was in a village, I went to school in the morning. Once near the school there were bandits who were at the school. My friends ran away, and the bandits caught me. I fainted, and when I woke up I was at a hospital. This happened in 2005. I was a student in primary school when this happened.”

“When I woke up at the hospital, I asked the medical team how I arrived there. Then they started telling me that there was a man who brought me to the hospital and that I was raped. So I started crying, asking them to call my grandparents. They looked for my grandparents, and then I was brought to Heal Africa by doctors from Médecins Sans Frontières.

“When I was raped, my urine pouch was torn, so in Shabunda there are no specialists who can take care of that. That is why I was transferred here at Heal Africa, and it took many steps to fix my health problem. It took 11 intervention surgeries.

“I would like to share my story with others to bring them hope because when I underwent this story I lost any hope of being healed one day and of becoming a normal person. So I share my story to bring back the hope that other women who underwent the same situation like me, to bring them that hope to get healed one day. God is operating miracles for people through other people and organizations like Heal Africa.

“Women are still being raped, and this leaves them in extreme poverty. And this is how they become unable to afford medical care. Others should give to support the work of Heal Africa because Heal Africa is trying to assist those vulnerable women and children in that way.”

Listen to Kika share her story in her own voice on our Two Coins podcast HERE.