After I had my son, I felt like my life was dis­or­ga­nized, both my per­son­al life and financially.”

Juvita Cerron | Assistant Program Coordinator | HOPE International

“In July 2012, I went through a hardship with my daughter Julieta’s health. The doctors told me that Julieta would not be able to speak or walk. When she was born prematurely, that is when I truly knew what God wanted for my life – I have to change, I have to get my life in order, I have to improve. That is where my story with Christ begins. I started attending Conquerors in Jesus Christ Savings Group.”

“I didn’t really know what it was about, but when I started to attend the meetings, they started talking about God’s Word. I realized that we must learn to be stewards of what God gives us. Even though we have little, we have to learn to value it. It is through the savings groups that I started to understand, and to financially put my life in order. Being part of the savings group has allowed me to lose my shyness and my fear of talking to people. I have learned to focus on others and not only on myself.

Through the savings groups, I had the opportunity to study the confectionary at the Gutenberg School. I plan to buy an oven. The confectionary shop will be something extra in addition to my job. I am saving because I have a dream of being able to give my children a place to live, something to call their own. The savings groups have helped me through prayer. They’re praying for Julieta, that her health will be restored. She started to eat well, and she started to talk. She talked even earlier than my other child. I was happy, happy for her life. That is the story of how I started to believe in God’s glory.”

Many people who benefit from HOPE International's savings groups never hear the name HOPE International. This is representative of HOPE's humility and unique, effective model.

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