“We started the school without a single cent.”

Eddy Galvez | Owner | Le Muel School

“Le Muel Christian School is located in Santa Isabel 2, Villa Nueva.”

“Villa Nueva has been categorized as a red city in all of Guatemala. It is a city that has the most delinquency and the most deaths daily. In the five years we’ve been here, there is always something trying to disturb the work we’re doing here. Last week, we received extortion messages and we began to cry out to the Lord and we’ve come out of it all. But only because God has a purpose for why He brought us here.

“We’ve seen our community changed. We have impacted Santa Isabel 2. Edify has been a tool of great use and a great help to our need. It was what we’d been waiting for. We were teaching students the Bible the way we knew how to teach. But Edify has come to establish us and help us through workshops where they teach us the most effective strategies. They’ve taught us how to teach. The vision is huge because this strategy is what we want to use in all of Central America. We want to impact Central America with what the Lord has given us.”