I grew up and got mar­ried in a cul­ture that pro­motes female gen­i­tal muti­la­tion (FGM).”

Dorcus Parit | Director | Hope Beyond Transitional Center & Lenkai Christian School

“I am the director of Hope Beyond Transitional Center and Lenkai Christian School. The center is located at Kimana area, Loitokitok sub-county. The center is basically for the rescue of girls who have gone through FGM and child marriage. FGM is a menace that is rampant in many communities in Kenya, including the Maasai community. From the analysis at the grassroots level, the issue of FGM has denied the victims a chance to a safe environment, good health, education and a decent life. More so, a girl’s childhood is taken from them and their future remains dark and grim.”

"During their journey at the Hope Beyond Transitional Center, these girls receive a lot of guidance and counseling. They get mentorship programs and a lot of therapeutic activities that in the long run bring healing to them. So far, I have been able to rescue over 500 girls from the scourge of FGM and given them a second chance in life.

Being a voice of change when it comes to FGM can also be challenging. For instance, in one of my rescue missions, I had received a call to rescue a child who was pregnant, but she had undergone FGM while still pregnant. In this line, the area chief, the parents and those involved in the act covered it up. Upon investigations, it was so sad to find out that after the circumcision the girl had bled to death. She died with her unborn baby. If only an action had been taken early enough before being taken through FGM then their lives would have been saved. It was one of the most devastating rescue cases to handle but with the help of the law, all perpetrators were brought to book, and the area chief was expelled from his duties. Another challenge that we encounter is political interference and nepotism that in most occasions tend to tamper with the evidence or the rescue missions.

It starts with one to change the world, one voice impacts on many lives in the society. Let’s walk together to fight this menace of Female Genital Mutilation. Let’s secure the dignity of the girl child and give her a chance to shine in achieving the best in life!”

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