My name is Bri­an, and these are some of my best friends.”

"Matthew (on the left) collected the stories on our website by interviewing people around the world. David (on the right) is working on a new line of branded Simple Charity merch (get hype!). We're sitting on the front porch of Duke's Christian study center in Durham, NC, the current (global?) headquarters of Simple Charity Inc. We want Simple Charity to grow because we love Jesus and are passionate about spreading a message of love and hope for our global neighbors."

"Simple Charity was born in 2014 at a high school in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. During our first year, a group of high school seniors raised over $60,000 for the global poor. Now, we have a network of college chapters, and I am our first full-time staff person. We want to build a team of amazing people to help Simple Charity grow.

I would *love* to be able to hire new people in 2020. I imagine a high-powered team with a Director of Students, Director of Finance and Enterprises, Director of Creativity, and Director of Research. This team would oversee the various components of Simple Charity and allow us to help the local church love the global poor by conducting research and simplifying charity.

When you give on this page, your gift won't be merely a tedious contribution to 'administrative expenses'. You are giving to our core so that we can hire amazing people and have a global impact. We don't believe in spending money just because we have it, so we'll forward extra funds in this account to highly effective nonprofits that help the global poor. Thank you for your generosity!"

100% of your donation will go to Simple Charity Core.