2019 Year End Letter

We're excited to share that we are now fully funded for all of our projects for the next six months. Thank you to everyone who gave to our year-end campaign!

Dear Friend,

This has been a big year for Simple Charity! It has been a year of learning, creating, designing, and growing. When I started Simple Charity with a group of high school friends, I could not have imagined what God had in store for the new organization!

Since we put together our first team of student leaders in May 2014, we’ve raised over $140,000 for global nonprofits, expanded to multiple college chapters, and pressed on through a steep learning curve to develop from a ragtag group of high schoolers to a 501(c)3 nonprofit with full-time staff.

Thank you to everyone who gave to our summer relaunch! I’m THRILLED to share that we have completed all of the projects that we set out to do. All I can say is Thank you. Your partnership is helping to take Simple Charity to the next level!

Here’s a summary of what we did during our relaunch:

Completed Relaunch Projects

2019 Year End Letter

Overall, this has been a year of Simple Charity digging deep into our identity. At first, I wanted Simple Charity to grow as fast as possible. But now I see the wisdom in learning deeply, discerning God’s call, and designing a strategy before seeking growth. We don't want to scale before we know exactly who the Lord has called us to be and what He has called us to do.

In this process of discernment, it has become clear that God wants us to engage college students in a conversation about global poverty, charity, and justice. Ana Yee is one such student, a junior at Harvard University. After she returned from a summer internship in Ethiopia, we connected on the phone to talk about sustainable missions and loving our neighbors in a globalized age. She read my essays, Liturgies of Solidarity. Now, she is getting more involved by helping us to pilot a survey on campuses around the country to learn more about what our generation thinks about poverty and generosity. Here’s what she says about Simple Charity.

“Brian has thought hard about sustainable relief, and Simple Charity reflects it. Jesus lived in solidarity with the poor, and as His followers so must we. I’m so excited to see how God will use Simple Charity to catalyze faith-driven action!”

With every passing month, Simple Charity’s identity has come more and more into focus. Now, I feel peace with pursuing growth by actively seeking to expand to more college chapters. This peace has led to an audacious goal: To launch 20 college chapters of Simple Charity in 2020.

In order to seek our 2020 Vision, we need to raise $30,000 in year-end gifts in 2019. So far, we've raised $15,860 (updated 1/1).

Here is exactly what these catalytic funds would enable:

- A new podcast featuring global stories about overcoming poverty, hosted by Chris Kuo and Kristi Sturgill, two Duke students studying journalism.

- Initial production costs of new Simple Charity t-shirts to begin selling in January.

- A pilot study of college students at Duke, Harvard, and the University of Georgia.

- “Journey of Generosity” retreats at all of our chapters in partnership with Generous Giving.

- My continued full-time work on Simple Charity.

Every day, I seek to steward Simple Charity’s resources with strict discipline & big vision. These projects will take our current chapters to the next level – creating attractive programming that will draw the attention of students at universities that do not yet have a chapter – and spread the word about Simple Charity – allowing us to reach new campuses through an engaging podcast, beautiful t-shirts, and outreach for our research study.

We are looking for committed partners to enable us to continue to learn, create, design, and grow. At this early stage, your investment is something like charitable venture capital. An investment in Simple Charity is an investment now in the moral and spiritual formation of the students in our four college chapters, but it’s also an investment for the future in the thousands of students and possibly millions of poor who will be impacted if, by God’s grace, we reach scale.

We are a small organization, but the Lord has given us big dreams. We are setting out – with a clear strategy and full hearts – to transform a generation of college students and a world of extreme poverty, all to bring God glory by working for His Kingdom to come, here as in heaven.

I would be incredibly honored if you partnered with us by making a year-end gift. You can give online below or by sending a check to “Simple Charity Inc”. Our address is 606 N Buchanan Blvd., Durham, NC 27701.

Thank you for your generosity and partnership!

On mission for His glory,

Brian Grasso | Executive Director | Simple Charity | brian@simplecharity.org | 770-871-8540

100% of your donation will go to Simple Charity Core.