COVID-19 Response Campaign

100% of donations on this page will be split between Tearfund and HOPE International.

We believe that now is as important a time as ever to practice solidarity with the poor and vulnerable.

We believe that Jesus calls us to love sacrificially, to not succumb to fear, and to give generously, even in a crisis.

We believe that college students & young adults have a role to play in serving others during this pandemic.

Because of this, we launched a response campaign on March 23rd to make masks for local vulnerable populations and to raise money to help the poorest of the poor during this global crisis.

Our three goals for the COVID-19 Response Campaign are:

Goal #1: Make 500 masks by April 30th

Goal #2: Raise $25,000 for Tearfund by May 31st

Goal #3: Raise $25,000 for HOPE International by May 31st

Thanks to a generous donor, for every mask that we make, $5 will be donated to HOPE International and $5 will be donated to Tearfund up to our goal of 500 masks.

To be a part of this campaign, you can join our Facebook group by clicking here.

To help us hit our goal, you can give on this page. You can learn more about our partners and their responses to the pandemic by reading more below:

HOPE International invests in the dreams of families in the world’s underserved communities as they proclaim and live the Gospel. They serve in over 15 countries around the world, and their programming centers around savings groups, microloans, and discipleship.

HOPE is responding to the impending economic crisis in some of the materially poorest communities in the world. Their response to COVID-19 involves supporting the families and entrepreneurs in their network. As they say on their website,

"Microfinance clients will face severe lost income—whether from government-enforced closures or business collapse. Savings group members with businesses will confront similar challenges, while others will face wide-spread unemployment or low wages."

Tearfund has decades of experience "following Jesus where the need is greatest". They work in over 50 of the poorest countries around the world.

Tearfund is responding to the pandemic with a number of public health campaigns that are led by their partners around the world. As they say on their website:

  • $75 could provide a hand-washing station at a church, mosque, or community center in the Central African Republic
  • $60 could provide personal protection equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers in the Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh
  • $30 could provide an emergency food box to a displaced Venezuelan family living in Colombia
  • $25 could provide 5 Rohingya refugee families with sanitization tools like soap and bleaching powder
  • $15 could provide a sanitation kit containing soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer to a Syrian refugee family currently displaced and living in Lebanon

Your gift on this page will be split between HOPE International and Tearfund. These organizations are responding to the emerging global health and economic crises by serving the most vulnerable.

100% of your donation will go to COVID-19 Response.

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