"On that Easter Sunday, on the eve of the transfer, they called me and told me, 'You are free.'"

Claire | Transit Monitor | Love Justice International

“I was trafficked some years ago and taken into the country of Iran, and I was used to carry drugs, which I didn’t know. Thereafter, I was put in prison and sentenced to death by hanging. But the Lord is so gracious that he saved my life. I spent in prison five years. I served the Lord preaching the Gospel. The sick were healed, and people had many many more testimonies.

“Jesus Christ was a stranger in their land, but they could see the power that He was performing.”

Even in the midst of her darkest hours, Claire shares how she daily believed God for her release and “shared the love and truth of Jesus Christ with the other inmates.” Although she was originally sentenced to hang, she was miraculously released.

“On that Easter Sunday, on the eve of the transfer, they called me and told me that, ‘You are free.’”

Her journey eventually led her to Love Justice International where she fervently works as a transit monitor to ensure innocent men, women and children are kept from experiencing the horror and injustice that she endured.

“Through Love Justice, I have been given the chance to reach many, many people. Especially the youth who have been vulnerable to human trafficking, making awareness to them so that they won't be trafficked the way I was. What motivates me? Because I was once in such a situation and I fell in big trouble which almost cost my life and I needed a hand to help me out — there was none. At this time I say if there was Love Justice at that time maybe I wouldn’t have got this problem. So, since I’m given this chance, I try as much as possible to warn whoever I come across through Love Justice to talk about human trafficking. I tell them about the dangers of human trafficking before they are trafficked.

“We intercept them and we show them love, we provide them with what to eat, and we ask them their information — we get information about them. If they know their families, where they came from we send them back to their families. If their red flags are not up to 200 it means they don’t have any danger and we send them home. If they show that there is danger, we connect with the other homes and we put them in a safe home to stay until we follow up and know their family and what happened.”

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