My name is Claire. I’m from Love Jus­tice Ugan­da, and I want to share my life sto­ry with you.”

Claire | Transit Monitor | Love Justice International

“I was trafficked some years ago and taken into the country of Iran, and I was used to carry drugs, which I didn’t know. Thereafter, I was put in prison and sentenced to death by hanging. But the Lord is so gracious that he saved my life. I spent in prison five years. I served the Lord preaching the Gospel. The sick were healed, and people had many many more testimonies."

Even in the midst of her darkest hours, Claire shares how she daily believed God for her release and "shared the love and truth of Jesus Christ with the other inmates." Although she was originally sentenced to hang, she was miraculously released.

“They announced my name that I was free."

Her journey eventually led her to Love Justice where she fervently works as a transit monitor to ensure innocent men, women and children are kept from experiencing the horror and injustice that she endured.

"There is a lady who is stranded there. She came from the village seeking treatment, and she has been in this place looking confused. She is so weak and she is looking dirty. She doesn’t have any help. We are going to assist her as Love Justice."

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