“My name is Bahati Zabibu. I am a nurse with a certificate that I completed in 2014.”

Bahati Zabibu | Nurse

“I am married to a man with two children. Both of them are girls. I was once a Muslim. That’s why I have the other name that is Zabibu. It is an Islamic name. I haven’t received a Christian name yet. I work in nutrition. I assist in identifying different problems in children, and also helping in translating where my bosses don’t understand.”

“Anna was a good person. She listened, and then she saw I had interest in going ahead with my education. She decided to help me that way. Anna and her husband Joshua helped me get the certificate I told you about. So that’s why I became involved with Serge. The connection was because of Anna. The family is the same people who took me to church for the first time.

“Serge has really done something big for our district, especially in Nyahuka, where we live and where the Serge people are. They have really done a big work for us. They helped people with education. That was a really big problem in our area here. People never knew how important education is. And for us again here they have started developing a saying: ‘the best thing you can give to your child is education’. Indeed, those people opened a way for people around here to make sure that people loved education. Another thing which brought people together was meeting in churches. When they meet in churches, they share problems with people. After sharing problems with people, they look for ways of helping those families.

“When we talk, if it’s concerning Jesus, even though I had so many challenges, my heart feels filled, comfortable, and happy. We know these people when they come to us they have so many challenges. They have so many problems. So it was planned by Serge that we first take them into a Bible study, making their minds a bit comfortable and relieved and helping them know that God is there to help them in whatever challenge they go through.

“You people who are there, this community still needs a lot of help. They are not yet well.”