“My name is Alexandra Montel. I live at Juampas. I have three brothers. I have four sisters.”

Alexandra Montel | 5th Grade Student | One17 International

“I have a good family and I love my family so much, and they love me too. I am in a good school. I am in a big school, in a great school, and I like it so much. I love my teachers and my principals. I love the staff and the directors like the principal Mrs. Worcarline, Mr. Gregory, and I love all the other teachers too.”

What is school like for you?

“The school is very good for me. I like it so much. The teachers work very fine with me. I love the way that they work, and they love me too because I am a very good student in my class. When I finish school I would like to go to medical school because I would like to be a doctor. That is one of the big reasons why I really like to go to school. I know that the school is very very very important for me.”

Can you share a story about your own life?

“When I didn’t yet go to school, I didn’t know anything. I couldn’t read. I didn’t have any friends. I have one of my sisters who was always going to school, and every day she studied, but me, I couldn’t because I didn’t go to school. And my heart is a very very very a bad thing for me because I couldn’t go to school. But now I can because I go to school. My heart is very happy for that. Right.”

Why do you want other people to know about One 17 International?

“I’d like them to know that One 17 is a great school in the country. Not only in the city, but in all the country.”

Why do you think its important that One 17 continues to do the work it does?

“Because the One 17 International is a good school. They are good teachers. They run very good. I’d like to say that if other people can help the other little children to come to school, then it would be good for them.”