“I couldn’t do anything when my eyes went dark.”


“It happened to me last year, not even one year ago. I was five months pregnant.”

“I didn’t know it was going to be twins. After I gave birth to the first one, the doctor told me there was going to be another one. When I gave birth, I couldn’t see my children’s faces. I thought maybe I had gone blind forever. I thought I’d never see my children. Someone talked to my husband about Mercy Ships.

“I thought my eyes would light up after my pregnancy. So when I gave birth and nothing had changed, we went straight to Mercy Ships to get help. It’s been almost one year since my eyes started to go dark, so I would really like Mercy Ships to help me so I can see clearly.

“When they took off the bandage, I saw like a big light in my eyes, and it was gradually brightening up. When my sight returned, I was so happy. It was like I died and went to paradise. I didn’t know my babies were so handsome, but now I see that they are both beautiful. I had never felt what I felt that day. My heart is relieved today.”