our evaluation process


Afraid your gift won’t help? Or—worse—afraid it’ll hurt? We evaluate Christian charities for their effectiveness so your gift can do the most good.

We evaluate charities on the basis of seven key qualities: Accountability, Integrity, Transparency, Measured Impact, Cultural Humility, Altruism and Kingdom-Mindedness.


All nonprofits in any location or sector can be evaluated for Accountability, Integrity and Transparency. For most nonprofits, these three qualities are already assessed by Charity Navigator, GuideStar and ECFA. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we utilize their evaluation results.


The data that an organization collects on its impact is a critical component of determining its effectiveness. We examine the metrics that nonprofits use to tell the story of their impact as well as the methodology they use to obtain those metrics.


For Christian-led nonprofits that address global poverty, Cultural Humility, Altruism and Kingdom-mindedness are essential. You will not find these qualities in most other charity evaluation frameworks. We rely on interviews, financial information and statements of faith to evaluate these qualities.


Explore our list of stellar faith-based charities and give freely knowing that your gift, no matter its size, is making a real difference in the lives of people around the world.