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Simple Charity college chapters are a movement of Christian college students learning from, standing with and sacrificing for the poor together. We do it, not out of guilt or obligation, but from a place of joy because we believe the poor are King Jesus in disguise.

Currently, we have 8 active chapters at campuses across the US.


active college

Abeline Christian University

Abiline, TX

UNC Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC

Auburn University

Auburn, AL

University of Georgia

Athens, GA

Clemson University

Clemson, SC

University of Florida

Gainsville, FL

Duke University

Durham, NC

Young Harris College

Young Harris, GA


Grow in God's heart for the poor in community with other students with Simple Charity's Bible study curriculum, "The Good Life and Poverty," and discussions on our podcast, Two Coins.


Advocate with other students for restorative justice through events and blog posts.


Fundraise for trustworthy charities. Our team evaluated 628 openly Christian charities and chose 24 organizations that effectively alleviate global poverty.

"Simple Charity has challenged me in my faith more than any other club on campus. Not only has it gently pushed me to confront my apathy towards the global poor, but it has also urged me to live out God’s word in all aspects of life."


College chapter member at Duke University

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