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Hope During the Holidays

December 22, 2020

Author of this post - Hope During the Holidays

By Sutton West

Through the unprecedented times, we can focus on the Lord and find creative ways to spread not only Christmas spirit, but also Jesus’s light.

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Justice is Love Out Loud

July 15, 2020

Author of this post - Justice is Love Out Loud

Anna Faith Adair

We are in a strange time, where there is no guideline on how to live. A lot of ways we think of conducting love and justice cannot be done safely right now. So what does justice look like when love is embodied in being six feet away and wearing a mask?

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I believe that we need to learn solidarity with the vulnerable in order to move from fear to love during this crisis. Virtues are character traits that are formed when our actions become habits and our habits become a part of who we are. I want to share five formative practices that cultivate the virtue of solidarity with the vulnerable.

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Hands and Feet

January 14, 2020

Author of this post - Hands and Feet

By Hannah Cooper

What does it mean to love? Like actually love? My understanding of the word has changed so much in recent years and the more I grow in my faith, the more it evolves and deepens.

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Giving from Gratitude

November 29, 2019

Author of this post - Giving from Gratitude

By Shinbe Choi

Coming to college was a big wake up call, as I took more charge of my faith and had to find my own communities where I could honest with where I stood in faith. Getting involved with a campus ministry and Simple Charity challenged me to tackle questions about faith that I had never really thought about before.

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Five Reasons to Do Gratitude Daily

November 29, 2019

Author of this post - Five Reasons to Do Gratitude Daily

By Brian Grasso

Gratitude rewires our brains enabling us to be cheerful givers. When we don’t feel like giving, we must, in that moment, move our eyes to God’s downpouring grace on our lives.

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20,000 Cans to 1 Heart

October 04, 2019

Author of this post - 20,000 Cans to 1 Heart

by Andrew Lee

I had become increasingly convicted of the monstrous food waste happening all around me, and I was constantly reminded of it when I saw uneaten apples thrown out in the cafeteria or half-finished plates leftover in restaurants.

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